An analysis on why girls smoke

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Gender empowerment and female-to-male smoking prevalence ratios

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Why Are Americans So Stupid — And So Proud of It?

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Tobacco smoking

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10 Reasons why Girls who Smoke Weed make perfect Girlfriends. If you haven’t found the girl of your dreams, then chances are you haven’t met a girl who smokes weed.

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Read a secondary analysis of interview data from the Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health on factors that are either protective against smoking or increase the risk for smoking in adolescent girls.

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Teenage smoking

Why are Americans so stupid? Why do they think it’s okay to shout down facts with opinion, rumor and hearsay?

8 Annoying Problems Only Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes Will Understand

Ted Rall has a theory, and it ain’t pretty.

An analysis on why girls smoke
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