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Microsoft offers developers cash to write Windows 8 apps

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10 Top Windows Apps for Writers, Authors, Essays and Dissertations

Write Windows Phone Apps, No Code Required Posted by timothy on Tuesday August 20, @AM from the gestures-and-grunts-will-suffice dept. jfruh writes "One of the biggest challenges Microsoft has faced with its Windows Phone platform is that it's far behind in the apps.

The third takeaway is that, like the Windows Presentation Foundation app example from the C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners Series, Phone apps are composed of.

Download Windows Phone SDK 0 from Official Microsoft Download Center

10 Top Windows Apps for Writers, Authors, Essays and Dissertations By Dan Grabham on at Whether you're writing creatively, for work or for your studies, these Windows apps. Microsoft offers developers cash to write Windows 8 apps.

In an apparent policy turnaround, Microsoft is now using cash to try to get more developers to write apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. This is Windows Phone 8 material and some things will be different between Phone 7 and Phone 8 content so be warned. So on to the code. Are you using our sample from codeplex and the link above?

Windows phone 8 came into existence on 29 th October and grabbed many eyeballs for featuring a unique interface which was a considerable transformation from its previous avatars. It was christened Metro (or the modern UI), where Microsoft has enhanced the older CE architecture.

Code samples Write application for windows phone 8
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Download Windows Phone SDK from Official Microsoft Download Center